Do You Let “Seasonal Feelings” Stop You?

Getting “FIT” Helped Me Realize That Natural Changes In The Earth’s Position to the Sun Bring Forth Similar Feelings For Me Every Year At the Same Time.

I believe I wrote about this last year.  Each year I have a greater understanding of what the term “time flies by” is referring to. Time passes at a consistent rate.  It’s the memories that come into my mind during different seasons or attending yearly events, etc. that get me thinking about how many times I’ve done similar things during each season.

When I count the number of years that have passed since I began attending these events I can feel my breath hold.   Every year around the beginning of a new “school year” (they’re September – June in the USA) brings certain actual sensations into similar parts of my body.

I’m quite certain I posted about this last year because thinking about it occurs for me every year at this time.  When I speak with friends, especially those I’ve known since my youth my youth, I find out they’re feeling the same way I am about this.  School re-unions really bring up the feeling of “Time Flying”.

We all just read about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the wonderful (I’ll risk saying wonderful, because I truly believe she was/is.  I’m thrilled about all the positive press she’s been getting.  I first met her at a Cornell reunion several years ago.  I believe it was my 30th re-union and I graduated in 1961.  She graduated in 1954.  She was very open and “right there” for me.  I was involved in performing in classical theater companies during the late 70s and, once again, in the late we were both at an event for classical theater that I attended with a group with whom I’d studied in Stella Adler’s class.  I felt as though I’d been Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s friend for years.  This event was in the late 1990s.

I’m bringing this up because I feel like I was just at that event and it occurred a bit over 20 years ago!

I have to remember that time on Earth keeps travelling at the same speed around the sun.  (At least, we think it does.  I don’t know about research that’s found it’s changed since humankind appeared.

I’m writing about this to remind us all that life isn’t passing by us more quickly because we’ve lived more years.  It’s all O.K.!

My goal – (at least) until after Halloween is to smile every morning and be thankful I have another day on Earth!

As many who have read my posts know I’m writing the book and lyrics for a musical that deals with the topic of everyone’s place in the totality of what exists.  It’s been changing as I write it.  I’m writing Act 2 now and I realize that the Pandemic has, actually, expanded my thinking.  I may have mentioned this previously.   What I am getting is that the Universe – and, probably, what’s beyond it need us all to be well.  We may be getting help we’re not yet aware of..

Staying “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” will help us individually – and, even more important we will each help our universe and beyond it.  It’s interesting that we have brains that can think about this stuff.

Once again I ask you to forgive me for repeating myself in these posts – These thoughts are helping me and – YEP – I think they can help you too. I write them because my goal is to help you live longer and happier.

I’m going to keep thinking about this.  I find it’s been getting me to be healthier than I was before I was 50!

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Communicating During the Pandemic

Dearest Readers,

You haven’t seen new blogs coming from me in the last two months.

Being confined to my apartment, except for trips to the mail desk in my building, has been beyond interesting.

While, I was feeling a lot of the same feelings I hear people talking about on programs and in posts they’re posting on Facebook and Linked-In, etc. about feeling disconnected from the Universe – A POSITIVE THING I’ve discovered because of this “confinement” is:

 I’m learning that how I spend my time MAY BE THOUGHT OF AS “IN CONFINEMENT.  HOWEVER: BEING CONFINED  (INDOORS)  IS NOT A 100% BAD THING”.  I’m choosing to follow the rules that have been set up for my community in Manhattan and I can choose to look at them as being helpful rather than debilitating.

I live very close to NY Langone Health, both the major hospital and several of its offices and centers.  I’m blessed to have such wonderful medical facilities near me. However, this makes it even more necessary for people in my neighborhood to remain indoors if possible during this Pandemic. I also feel blessed to have become a “health nut” about twenty years ago.  I’ve learned how to get my body into it’s fittest and healthiest shape almost entirely through changing the way I eat and the exercises I do.   I use natural products that are right for my particular body and do exercises that are right for my body. I got good results and when people asked me how I did it I felt compelled to help other people find their best way to restore their health and/or stay healthy. That led me to write my book –  “Fit & Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”

The one thing I’ll want to catch up on when this Pandemic has been cured is walking several, about 40, blocks a day.

When I wrote my last post on March 27th I’d been keeping myself (as we were instructed to do) for about 2 weeks. I’ve now been in my apartment, except for going to my building’s mailroom (and wearing a mask and gloves when doing so) for 8 weeks!

Last week I finally began to realize that we can adjust to what our life needs to be for certain periods of time and find ways to have it suit us.  It may not be perfect…but…if we stop looking at only the downside…some positive changes might occur.

Yes, I would like to get more “walking” in.  BUT – I can do more sets of my at home exercises AND I can get more sleep than I was getting running out every night.  I also realized that I could spend less time running to everyone’s shows and still get to see most them by watching the shows online. I’ve now had many of the shows I’ve presented appear online.  I’ve also been presented online while performing in shows that other producers and performers have put online.

Recently I’ve been appearing in many live ZOOM shows both as a performer and a commentator.

I AGREE that going out to see shows being performed live is one of the greatest things a human being can do.  That said:

I Sometimes Forget To Give Myself Time To Stay Home & Work On My Own Projects.

There has been quite a change in the form of presentations since the Corona Virus has caused pretty much all of the theaters ad small music venues to close.

While this is very sad for the many who have experienced illness due to the virus it may be leading to more possibilities for musical performances (for that matter – all types of performance) to be appreciated by larger masses of people that rarely get to experience very varied live musical – and non musical – performances.

My 2020 vision is seeing that more young and older people are now able to experience more performances of all kinds.  I’ve had people who live in my building, which is quite large, and some who work in my building tell me that they’ve recently seen shows that sounded like those I’d tell them about and they loved them! They’d seen them streamed on TV.  A couple fell in love with musical reviews they saw listed on Internet channels they subscribe to. .  Were it not for the shut down of the music venues due to the virus, these shows may not have been streamed to the online channels that these people subscribe to.

Reports like this have made me truly commit to continue to look for the good in life in all circumstances, even in this Corona Virus threat period.

Number 1: I hope you follow the directions you were given to remain healthy.

Number 2:  I encourage everyone to seek out and experience the different forms of entertainment that are now being offered online., including ZOOM events to music venues.

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I think of the numbers 2020 and I think of CLARITY.

What an interesting year 2020 is turning out to be!  All years are interesting – however this one is  amazing to me.

Here we are almost ¼ through 2020!  Is there anyone younger than 60 reading this?  If there is do you feel as though time is speeding by faster than it ever has?

I’m writing a musical, which I plan to have ready for run-throughs by the end of this autumn.  A character named COVID keeps showing up and whatever I do I can’t seem to get rid of him.  I didn’t write his name down when I began working on this show.  He just showed up and he won’t go away.

Hmmm…maybe he’s on Earth for a purpose. WAIT A MINUTE! Maybe he truly was sent to us for a purpose….

Wow! I just realized that this is one illness that doesn’t single out certain races of people.

I just found this online:

DHS: Race not a factor in coronavirus transmission


Maybe, just maybe some good till come of this pandemic.  Maybe racial prejudice will be lessened when we realize that we’re all human beings.  We’re all one species.


I’m also seeing so much love in the communities in New York.   The building I live in actually recruited a squad of “Helpers” from the people who live here. They’re giving their time to helping those of us who are older and get out to do food shopping, etc. I’m going to be 80 but, thankfully, I’ve worked at keeping myself as healthy a possible for several years. I know, if you’re on this site, you know about the book I wrote:  “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”

We can all benefit by realizing that there is often a bright side to the “dark” happenings on our planet.

I hope you all follow the realistic directions of your are given by your town and community and stay away from this virus to the extent you can so that we can all have a celebration when the virus has been eradicated. I believe it will be.

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Here I am on Earth! I’m ME.

The other people are all here to help me, isn’t that what Selma and Morty (mommy and daddy told me? “We’re a wonderful family. Your grampa worked hard to be a successful attorney and found a law firm that your Daddy is now a partner at. YOU deserve all the best in world as my daughter, Barbara!”

I was always told I was entitled to all the good in the world. I suppose my mom was trying to make me feel comfortable; but it didn’t register as comfort in my brain. I always felt I needed to be better than, smarter than, healthier than, richer than, etc. etc. etc. all my friends. I now realize that my mom didn’t mean to create those thoughts in me. She just wanted me to be comfortable.

Of course, she also wanted me to be the “best kid in town!”

My dad, who I also adored (he was my idle along with his brother, my Uncle Arnie. Arnie, however, also became my confidant. He was head of the English Department at New Utrecht High School, the high school I attended and (yep) of which I became GO President!

I now realize what people running for president may be going through. I think I wrote about a similar issue a long while ago. Feeling I had to be “Number1” all the time made me more nervous than more secure. I find I go through this time and again.

On March 26th (of this year) I won my THIRD MAC AWARD for BEST EMCEE (2016, 2017 & 2019!) You would think I’d be relaxed and totally at ease about any project I’d been trying to launch. Guess what?

I don’t think I need to write any more here. I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m feeling.

I have 9 wonderful people coming for the yearly Seder I hold. My amazing son heads the reading and wonderful people from the entertainment community attend. Today I’m as nervous as I’ve ever been preparing for it. I do hire help for this event and, still every year I worry if everything will work out as wanted. Plus, “Why haven’t I been writing new songs” and “Why haven’t I been planning where I’ll hold my 80th Birthday show and what the exact theme of it will be” etc. etc. etc.

What’s interesting is that when I speak with others about these feelings most of the people I speak with say they have the same feelings.

Maybe these feelings we have that we need to prove ourselves are what inspire us to action and when enough humans are inspired to action our planet can progress.

Could it be that it’s good not 100% helpful to the planet if everyone is totally secure? They say when we’re secure we can create more. I thought I believed that, but now I’m beginning to wonder. I know the world of psychology will say “Uh uh Bobbie! You need to always be secure. I realize I’ve written about this before because I think it keep recurring in my mind, and maybe that’s telling me find any scientific research that may have been done- or is presently being done on this topic.

I see many writings about research and/or philosophic thought about this issue. We’ve probably all read the Dalai Lama has to say about the purpose of life being to Uplift Connect. However, perhaps there was a purpose in the creation of human feelings we’re not good enough. Perhaps not feeling we’re good enough leads to the research that will make Humanity get better and stronger.

Okay – I think it’s time to have some fun!

I give the Second Seder, which my son leads. I love celebrating the thought the Angel of Death passed over us. Then on Sunday morning I’ll go to Unity to celebrate Easter.

I wish you all a celebratory weekend!

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The “Supernatural” Is Showing Up As Natural

Tonight I discovered that what I’ve been thinking of as  “Supernatural” is really just natural  – its’ simply what is!  I’ve written about this before, however – every time I experience it in a new way it seems to take on deeper meaning for me.


A couple of ears ago I got on the 6thAvenue bus in Manhattan to go uptown from a meeting I’d been at.  I may have written about this when it happened.  A woman who was sitting across the aisle from me looked for something in her fairly large tote bag and, inadvertently, sent a large wine bottle bouncing across the isle.  It banged on my ankle before rolling down the aisle. I was in some pain.  I did get some ice at the meeting I went to. and pressed it against my ankle until the meeting started. I did have to go to get an X-Ray the next day and while my ankle wasn’t Broken (with a capital B) I did need to have an injection and then wear a foot brace for about five weeks.


Tonight while going crosstown on the 42ndStreet bus almost exactly the same thing happened.   I was heading to a Wine Tasting room on Sixth Avenue in the 40s when the first incident happened.  This evening I was going to Birdland to see wonderful Karen do a brilliant show. The wine bottle really landed on me tonight and I though “Oh no!  I’m not going to be able to do all the things on my schedule for the next few weeks!”


Guess what? I could feel the eyes of the energy who has actually taken on an appearance for me  – the male that I’ve been feeling has been guiding me to relax. The essential Oil helped me relax and listen to the guidance of my God Beaux.  I thought, “Wait a minute” I’ve been using that new scent from Young Living Essential Oil that’s named “Common Sense” supposed help guide me to think sensibly in different situations.   I’m learning that the Young Living Essential Oils really do help!!!    I’m not in the business of selling them, but I can understand why people are drawn to sell them.



So – I decided not to panic and I trusted that God would watch out for me. What I needed to do was ask for some ice in a napkin when I got my seat.  I didn’t have a reserved seat in the first 3 rows for the show I was seeing – but I was just one row back of them and I sat at the very end of the row. Though the room was quite full God supplied me with an empty seat next to me. I found I was better off sitting in the seat at the end of the row even though is was a couple of inches further off center than the empty seat next to it. When I turned my chair to face the empty seat next to mine so I could put my leg up on it and take the pressure off my ankle that had been hit by the wine bottle on the bus.   When I did, not only was the pressure relieved, I had a great view of the stage and of incredible Karen Mason who performed as well as ever and she’s always great!


The sweet waitress came over quickly and I told her what had happened. I then asked if she could possibly bring me some ice cubes in a cloth napkin. She came back in what seemed like seconds and had wrapped the ice perfectly into the large cloth napkin.  I kept the ice on my ankle pretty much throughout the show. I just took it off for a couple of seconds after each song to make sure I wasn’t hurting my ankle by putting too much ice on it.


Now I’m home at my computer and my ankle doesn’t hurt at all! Perhaps I can feel a little something when I rub it – but hardly anything.  Using my common sense (helped by the scent of the oil) really made a positive difference for me.


I’ll ask the woman who does sell the essential oils if I can put her name, and a way to contact her, on my blog – so that you can contact her. I’m happy to help her earn money since it will be helping many people.

I’ll go to bed now and if I wake up with no ankle or foot pain I’ll post this.

I woke up this morning with no ankle pain!  I seemed to have cured any problem that may have arisen on my ankle – because I used common sense. I kept my leg up and told the waitress I would and she said that was OK.  I wasn’t blocking the view of anyone or making anyone uncomfortable AND I got up – what I would have thought of as nerve – and I asked for the wrapped ice.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learned that learning what to eat for your particular system and the exercises to do for your particular body make a huge positive difference for your Body and how your mind can keep grasping things.


I’m finding that it’s important to combine that with doing things you love to do.  It’s never too late to also learn something new.


The more I concentrate on my thoughts of the world developing in a good way.  Before wonderful things were developed in the past it was very often the case that areas went through behaviors that turned out to be silly and not only didn’t help but took us back a few steps.  I’m beginning to feel, though – that this may be how to learning occurs.  We go over the hard spots a couple of times until we finally truly “get it”!


I found out this morning that I was once again nominated for two MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabaret’s) Awards.  One is for my Recurring Series: “It’s a Just a Number!” and one for “Best Emcee”.  I’m thrilled about this and I’m realizing that while it’s takes energy to put on shows – this action also feeds my energy!


What are you doing that you love to do that interests you and gets your mind going, gets you moving and helps you think that you’re accomplishing something and contributing something to the world we live in?


It’s worth taking time to let thoughts about this drift into your mind as you’re going about your daily routine and see what comes up for you!






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What Seemed Like A Miracle Happened Today! Miracles Can Happen For You Too!

I know this can sound “Woo Woo” to many people. I’ve written about my system of choosing what I wear each day based on Color Numerology and the Numerology based on my birth date.


I was planning to go to the wonderful entertainer, Richard Skipper’s birthday show today.  It was 12:20 PM and I was at computer wearing my pajamas, with my hair in pin curls and having put no make-up on yet.  For some reason my brain “wrongly” remembered that his show was at 7PM, across town at The Laurie Beechman Theatre.  I was eating my healthy breakfast and putting my week in order and something made me check to see if I’d put the printed ticket to his show in my wallet.  I had and I looked at the ticket and…and…and…there it was – clearly printed clearly on the ticket – the show was at 1PM!


OMG!  I was going to miss his birthday show. I left a phone message for him saying Id run there after the show came down and hopefully, he’d still in the building.

OK – Are ready for this?

  • I got may pin curls undone – ( the plastic bag I put the pins in is on a stool near my bathroom sink.
  • I’d already done 2 of my “in house” AM exercises.
  • I put on my make-up – my make up is in order of the way I put it on – in my cabinet over the sink.
  • I knew which suit I’d be wearing because I knew it was a “7” Navy Blue day and laid the trousers, etc. out last night.
  • The flower pin I was going to wear was already on my suit jacket because I placed it there last night.
  • I’d placed the plastic bag with my Navy Blue outfit jewelry on my dresser top last night.
  • I’d placed the Navy blue underwear and socks on my dresser top last night
  • I had the shoes I ‘d be wearing near my bed.
  • My Coat was laid over the living room couch and the hat and scarf I’d wear (I knew it would be a cold day) were on the door knobs of the closet near the exit to my apartment
  • I forgot to mention that my apartment was fairly neat when I left. I have a system for that all the time and don’t have to think about it much.


AND – Here’s what I realized:

  1. I have a system for putting on my make up. First I put on my silk turtleneck top so I wouldn’t ruin my make up. I put it on – and then wham wham wham!  I, somehow, put on my make-up, including my mascara and liner and blushers and powder, etc. etc. etc.
  2. Then I put on my suits trousers and my shoes and knee socks and the suit jacket and brushed my hair out and..
  3. Then I put my jewelry into my handbag. I figured I could put it on while I was in a cab going to the theater for the show. I’d pretty much organized my handbag the night before. I always do that.
    1. I should let you know that I hardly ever spend money on cabs – but I figured, I’d never make it to the theater while Richard and the performers I love were still at the venue – so I could at least hug them.
  4. Oh yes, I did the last of my morning three “In House” exercises  going down in the elevator.
  5. I did get a cab, after not too much of a wait, thank God.
    1. My driver was sweet, but didn’t speak English very well and it seemed he was driving very slowly and not trying to get to the corners before the lights changed to Green.



The dear restaurant server in the room upstairs from the performance room said, “Bobbie – you’re in perfect time!  They know I’m always worried about being late – although I’m usually early.


I ran down the stairs to the show room.  I saw the Birthday Boy onstage and passed my wonderful performer friend who said -she was so glad to see me she’ been worried about me.


They sat me at a prime table in front with the producer (a wonderful friend of mine) who hadn’t gotten my message that I’d be late.) They were all glad to see me and I go hugs AND It turns out that I’d only missed 1 performer – (the dear friend I saw when I walked in) and the Birthday Boy mentioned me to the audience from the stage and he quoted something I’d said to him about sharing positivity …AND…



I’D MAGICALLY ARRIVED AT THE VENUE AT 1:20 PM!!!!!!  THAT IS ONLY 1 HOUR AFTER I WAS HOME AND REALIZED THE SHOW WAS AT 1PM!  In that one hour I dressed, put on make-up etc, etc, etc, and got a cab and  got across town to the show!!!!  (The show actually started at about 1:10.)


NOTE:  If I didn’t have a system for planning my outfits, etc. etc. etc. it would have taken me well over and hour (probably an hour and a half)to dress and put on make up. Getting the cab as quickly as I did on Sunday morning and getting to the venue without much delay was pretty much the” miracle”.


You can take a look at the Image Consulting page on this site.

You’ll get and idea of how knowing how to package yourself will help you dress to express who you truly are – and – get well dressed much more quickly each day.  You’ll develop a “system” of dressing that you can easily follow.  Contact me if you’d like help in this area. If you’re in the New York area i have Workshops planned for March and will continue to plan more. You can learn the system of dressing for YOU to bring out who you are: Plus this knowledge will  help YOU save time!


The word “System” provokes negative thoughts in some people – but – believe me: having a GOOD system of getting ready each day makes life MUCH simpler for you.




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Beginning a New Year Can Inspire Us to Plan to Improve Our Lives

Last year’s news reports seemed to be filled with many negatives and few positives.  I felt like we were back in the days of The Korean War.


I was sent many emails whose messages were “fight this” or “fight that”. Yet I still firmly believe that the world was designed to be productive and enjoyable. Why would it have been created any other way?

We’re part of a “Universe”.  Wouldn’t it make sense that the “Universe” we’re part of needs all it’s galaxies and solar systems and planets to function as well as possible?


I’m going to give you some information that I usually charge for in the workshops I’m certified to give that deal with this. I believe I’ve posted ideas containing this information in the past.   I think that given the negativity we’ve been getting in newscasts this year – NOW is a good time to repeat this info!


Certain energies should create more positivity this year.


As I’ve written before, I wish I’d taken more science courses while attending Cornell University.  I come to believe that everything has a vibration. I’ve stated this in previous blog posts. Numbers and Color Families each have a vibration.


  • There are 9 Color Families. Each has is own vibration.  Therefore, they each bring forth certain emotions and feelings due to their different vibrations.
    • #1 = Red
    • #2 = Orange (but – stay tuned…there can be an interesting aspect of the #2 vabration)
    • #3 = Yellow
    • #4 = Green
    • #5 = Light Blue
    • #6 = Dark Blue
    • #7 = Purple
    • #8 = The Dark Neutrals (e.g. the Brown family)
    • #9 = The Light Neutrals (e.g. Light Beige, Cream, etc.)

NOTE: Black and White have their own energy.  They’re not always considered to be colors.  There’s a debate that continues to go on about that.


  • There are 9 Number Families. We add each of the numbers in the calendar date when we want to know in which “number family” a particular day is.
  • For example: In 2017 we were in a “1” year.
    • 2+1+7 = 10. 10 becomes 1 because 1+0=1 –
      • 1 is new beginnings. It goes with the Color Red. It can be intense and sexy and/or angry.
    • Guess what 2018 added up to?????? …#11…Black and White!
      • That can mean Boring! You have to handle stuff, but without much joy in it.
    • Guess what 2019 adds up to? During 2019 we’re in a “3” year. This is a YELLOW year!
      • If you add the numbers 2+0+1+9 you’ll get 3.


Yellow is the First Color Your Eye goes to.  Yellow is Expressive.  Yellow is Communicative!


We’re now in a Yellow year.  There should be more vibrancy.

I believe this will be good for our physical health because it’s good for our mental health.


I advise you to cheerfully plan to find the BEST exercises for YOU and the BEST foods for YOUR body.


Why not start planning to be the healthiest YOU today!

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“Great Endodontic Practitioner”

I believe I shared this with you last summer. In case you didn’t see it I think it’s valuable for you to know that I believe many dental services have been upgraded just other medical areas have been finding new and better ways of treating different problems your body may experience.


I remember once having to have a root canal performed when I was only in my 40s.  It was quite a debilitating experience.  I was in pain, and taking medication for the pain and for the healing process for many days.


I needed to have another root canal done yesterday. I also had one last summer. My wonderful dentist, Susan Stern, has a young man she recommends for this procedure. His name is Dr. Young A. Bui. He’s with Bryant Park Endodontics. I had the same experience last year. Being in the chair there gave me a chance to nap!   Yes – NAP! While he was working away I was totally comfortable.


They prescribed some pain medication, which I picked up at the pharmacy I use (it’s a family owned pharmacy named Pasteur) and I haven’t needed to take one pill yet!


If you ever need this type of procedure or another dental procedure, be sure to research the practitioners and what the processes are. So much has been improved for us since I was younger.  I’m very grateful for all that’s being learned in the health field.

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I’d started to think what routine means is just dull – that it means I’I don’t care about what I’m doing and that what I’m trying to accomplish is not is not truly worthy of my effort.


I saw a cabaret show last night. It wasn’t a very late show, but it was the first full solo show this brilliant songwriter has done. She was quite a bit older than the usual beginning songwriter and the show was brilliant (if I may say so…I’m not her reviewer.) I got to bed on the late side and wanted to be ready for today.   I had an event to attend at 1PM.


I found myself going through the routine I’ve set up for myself, which includes getting my bed ready for sleeping in and putting my hair up and cleaning my face, removing the makeup and doing my nightly facial exercises. I also need to get my plants ready for watering and I needed to check my email to make sure there was nothing important that I hadn’t answered.


Then, this morning I found myself in my morning routine, which includes making my “healthy (for me)” breakfast, doing my morning exercise, seeing that my apartment was straightened and clean with everything in order and my bed aired and made and on and on. Sending any emails I needed to and checking to see if there were any I needed to read quickly and seeing how many I could delete.


I felt a bit robotic.


However, on my way home from the show I saw tonight – a show I saw after the event I attended this afternoon, a lovely gentleman and his wife, who live in my building wanted to know more about my upcoming May 31st cabaret show. I gave them a flyer for the show and they became even more interested and they stopped into my apartment to see a few of the flyers from previous shows.


I could see that they felt comfortable that the work I did was of a professional level because my home – which is my office – was neat and everything was in order and said they were making their reservation for come to my show.   My routines paid off!


Once you develop the routines that work for different situations and for different needs it’s not “not thinking” to jump into them each day or when you usually do them because you’ve found they work. Completing your routines allows you to get more “thoughts” accomplished too!


Find the routines that help you for your body and your mind – i.e., your eating, your workouts, your preparation for things you enjoy , your preparation for work you may be involved in at any age – all help you keep as healthy as you can be. Routines help at every age.


And…Routines can make you feel happier. I know that can sound odd, however I see it working for me and I sometimes forget that it lightens and brightens my life to go through them and get the “routine” things for all areas done.

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